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Jan 6, 2012
myFanbase’ Exclusive interview with Walton Goggins

Written by Carol

1. What was it about Boyd Crowder that made you want to play this character?

It wasn’t what was on the page initially but it was the conversations about what this character could be that made me want to play him. I’m a fan of Elmore Leonard and a fan of the movies that have been made about his material. It’s a world that really interests me, a tonality that I like to play in and a complexity that is a rarity in television. And this world in particular happens to be rural and bucolic and this character to me was extremely smart. It’s not often that you get to play a rural person that is that intelligent, self-taught, and that was very important to me to make him the smartest man in the room. And so approaching it from that angle it was just a really rare opportunity.

2. When you played him in the beginning of season 2 did you know if he really was serious about not wanting to be criminal again?

I think absolutely. At the end of season one 18 of his men were executed by his father and I think he was like in a boat in a sort of drift on the ocean without an anchor. He just wanted to get as deep as possible emotionally and physically, and so short of ending his life he decided to go work in a bottom of a mine. And I think it was just to get a kind of perpective on his life and to really turn over a new leave. Boyd is not a person who lives in the middle, he lives in extremes and I think his journey in season 2 is about finding bounds in his life for the first time.

Head on over to myFanbase for the full interview with Walton. Continue reading..

Dec 20, 2011
Ask Ausiello: Boyd’s trying to what?!

Written by Carol

Oh now this just sounds way too interesting. I cannot wait!

Question: Just about a month until Justified is back… and I can hardly wait! Any scoop? Please? I have cookies. —Michele
Ausiello: File this under “W” for “WTF?!?!?!” Early into Season 3, Boyd is desperately trying to stay in prison and Raylan is desperately trying to get him out! Now gimme my cookie!


Dec 9, 2011
Supernatural’s Jim Beaver Returns to Justified!

Written by Carol

JBeaver111208164715 150x150 Supernaturals Jim Beaver Returns to Justified! Well this doesn’t bode particularly well for Bobby’s fate on Supernatural. Jim Beaver has booked a potentially multi-episode return to FX’s Justified, which premieres its third season on Tuesday, Jan. 17, TVLine has confirmed.

The Deadwood alum tweeted on Thursday that he will for certain be back for one episode but could appear in “as many as 7 … maybe more,” reprising the role of Shelby, the manager of the mine where Boyd worked for much of Season 2.

jim twitter Supernaturals Jim Beaver Returns to Justified!
jim twitter2 Supernaturals Jim Beaver Returns to Justified!

Recently, Beaver’s Supernatural character Bobby Singer flatlined and was given the following choice by a Reaper: Become a vengeful ghost or move on to Justified the afterlife.

Justified is currently filming Season 3 in Los Angeles.


Dec 6, 2011
Ray McKinnon has Walton to Thank for his SOA Role

Written by Carol

Ray McKinnon Sons of Anarchy 2 418x600 150x150 Ray McKinnon has Walton to Thank for his SOA Role Ray McKinnon, a longtime friend of Walton, recently sat down with in what I would call a worthy read. In it Ray discusses his most recent role as Assistant U.S. District Attorney Lincoln Potter on FX’s other original drama, Sons of Anarchy, along with what’s next for him now with Sons of Anarchy’s 4th season coming to a close tomorrow night.

Here is what Ray said about Walton:

Do you know what Kurt Sutter’s interest was, in casting you on the show?
I know that I, along with others, have made movies, over the years. Because of my relationship with Walton Goggins, and Kurt’s relationship with Walton, and Walton being a part of our movie-making team, I think Walt forced him to look at all of our stuff. So, he knew my work, better than a lot of people did because of that. I was off making these independent films that very few people saw, and loving it. But, I think that was part of it. He’d seen me and he knew my work really well. I was surprised. When I read the role, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go out to L.A. I wasn’t living there, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go out there. I didn’t really know anything about Sons of Anarchy, and there were lots of reasons that I wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend six months in L.A. But then, I read the character and I just was like, “Oh, my goodness!” I’d been looking to play a character that was really, really bright and intellectual and weird because I have some of those attributes, more so than some of the characters I play. I just wasn’t as interested in those other archetypes, as much anymore. So, it was a surprise. I was intrigued by it. I’m still not sure what he saw, in what I’d done before, that made him think about me for this role. I’m both grateful and baffled by his choosing me. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would have loved to have played this role.


As a fan and avid watcher of Sons of Anarchy, I can’t help but think that if Walton had any part in getting Ray his role on Sons’, then I have to say thanks. Ray has been an intriguing character addition this season, and one I’ve grown to enjoy, despite his obvious purpose of trying to bring the law down on the club and it’s members.

Dec 2, 2011
Walton Teases The New Season of ‘Justified’

Written by Carol

Fans of “Justified” have a solid date to return to Harlan County: Jan. 17.

FX announced its mid-season schedule Monday, opening with the Season 3 premiere of the neo-Western “Justified” on Jan. 17. The animated spy comedy “Archer” will begin its third season two days later on Jan. 19, and will be paired with a new animated comedy called “Unsupervised.”

“Justified” ended its second season with Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) going back to his illegal ways by making a play for the Bennett clan’s criminal enterprises, and thus putting him in conflict with his old buddy, U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant). But you just can’t ever tell with these guys; one minute they’re fighting, the next they’re doing shots together.
That’s exactly the mixed signals we get from the Season 3 teasers in the video player above, and from this little tease from Goggins.

“This is a season about crossing personal lines [for] all of us,” the Emmy-nominated actor told me in an email. “For Boyd it’s about rebuilding his house from the ground up, brick by brick, no matter who gets in his way.”
According to FX, Boyd and his crew butt up against an underworld kingpin from Detroit played by Neal McDonagh. Raylan has his own troubles, battling dirty politicians and a man called Limehouse (Mykleti Williamson). And you just know their agendas will bring have them facing off with each other. Carla Gugino also guest stars as a woman from Raylan’s past. “Justified” airs Tuesdays beginning Jan. 17.


Nov 28, 2011
FX Sets a Return Date for Justified!

Written by Carol

It looks like Justified is moving back to Tuesday night, where it first made it’s debut back in 2010.

It’s soon time to head back to Harlan County.

FX has announced that the third season of Justified will bow on Tuesday, January 17 at 10/9c.

Thanks to TVLine for the info!