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Jul 4, 2012
Backstage Magazine Scans Added!

Written by Carol

I’ve added 4 scans of Walton from the June 7th issue of Backstage Magazine title the ‘Gold Standard’ which features the interview I posted a few weeks of go with Walton, Patrick J. Adams, Joel McHale, William H. Macy and other Emmy worthy performers.

Gallery Link:
Magazines / Publications > Backstage Magazine (June 7th – 13th 2012)

Jun 16, 2012
Hollywood Reporter Goes Behind The Scenes of ‘Justified’ Season 3

Written by Carol

I’ve added 6 photos of Walton behind the scenes while filming season 3 of Justified.

Gallery Link:
Season 3 > Behind The Scenes

Jun 7, 2012
BACKSTAGE Roundtable With Seven Stars Who Had an Emmy-Worthy Year

Written by Carol

Walton and Martha, you were both first-time Emmy nominees last year. How did you get the news of your nomination?

WALTON GOGGINS: My little boy had woken up and the announcements were coming relatively soon. And I handed him over to my wife and said, “Can you handle this please, so I can just go downstairs and watch?” Tim [Olyphant] was announced first, so I started screaming. And my wife said, “Please be quiet, I’m trying to get him back down!” So when I heard my name was called, I had to be really quiet. I couldn’t even celebrate, to be quite honest. But it was so unexpected.

And William, you’ve been nominated several times and won twice.

WILLIAM H. MACY: I remember the second time, we were lying in bed and the phone rang at a quarter to zero in the morning, and I turned to Felicity [Huffman, Macy’s wife] and I said, “Well, either a family member just died or I got nominated.”


What’s it like to actually hear your name called as the winner?

MACY: I’ll tell you this, and this is God’s honest truth: It’s better to win.

GOGGINS: Did you practice the speech? Did you have an idea what you would say?

People like to use the term “big break,” but when was the moment you first felt you’d really made it as an actor?

GOGGINS: For me it was “The Apostle.” I was 24 years old and getting an opportunity to work with Robert Duvall. It changed my life. He called me with the news, and I saved that message for as long as I possibly could. Duvall was amazing. The first day, we were in Lafayette, Louisiana, and we went out to dinner and I didn’t say anything the entire time. I just looked down at my plate. I didn’t want to get fired or say something stupid like “Hey! I like ‘The Godfather’!”

FILLION: Would you consider him a mentor?

GOGGINS: Absolutely. I was at that age where I was extremely impressionable, and I finally got up the courage after being with him for a month to say, “How do you do it, man?” And he just said, “I don’t do anything. I just play pretend. A child’s game.” Which just fucking floored me.

You can check out the interview in full over at

Jun 6, 2012
Emmys 2012: TV’s Supporting Players Talk Ensemble Work, Geek Out at THR’s Photo Shoot

Written by Carol

It’s late May in Hollywood and 25 of TV’s Unsung Heroes have gathered at Siren Orange Studios in Los Angeles for The Hollywood Reporter’s supporting actor/actress photo shoot.

But to see the stars from series including The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Justified, Mad Men, Burn Notice, Suburgatory, The Big Bang Theory, Smash and more interact, the mood was more like a fan convention.

Justified’s Walton Goggins made a beeline for Game of Thrones’ Kit Harington, where the two debated who’d fare best on their respective series. “I’d want a really big sword, I’d have one day on the call sheet because I would take some people down! But I’d be killed right away,” Goggins laughed. “I’d walk onto your show with my sword and just get shot point blank!” the man also known as Jon Snow retorted.


Gallery Link:
Photo Sessions > Session #010

Jun 1, 2012
The GQ ‘Villains Questionnaire’ Featuring Walton

Written by Carol

GQ: What scared you when you were a child?
Walton Goggins: 
If I’m being honest, it was a shark. It was Jaws. You know I didn’t watch a lot of scary movies when I was a kid, but I did see that one and I refused to even get in a bathtub, much less a lake or the ocean. Believe it or not, it inspired me to become a master scuba diver so that I could deal with that fear. So, thanks, Steven Spielberg.

GQ: Has there ever been a villain that you rooted for, that you admired?
Walton Goggins: 
I think villains have had a resurgence in the last ten years, thanks to cable TV dramas, which have allowed for more exploration of men like Tony Soprano or Vic Mackey (Michael Chiklis, The Shield)—anti-heroes who would, before that, have just been somebody the good guy killed. Those two, in particular, were bad guys I couldn’t get enough of. I wanted to understand them. And viewers have that opportunity when they can watch eighty-five hours of a character on TV. In a film, there’s not enough time to really flesh a villain out. With Vic Mackey—Chiklis did him right. You come to see the world from his perverted moral compass.

GQ: How much of Boyd existed on the page, and how much did you bring to the role?
Walton Goggins: 
The words existed, strung together in a very poetic way. I added a level of ambiguity early on, which I think was Boyd’s strength in the first episodes. And I was able to bring an intellect. I was interested in playing a guy who, more often than not, is the smartest person in the room—a person who has a real flare and a love of words, who is self-taught, and a showman. You know, I’m from the South, and I wasn’t interested in perpetuating a stereotypical southern character. I wanted Boyd to be everything under the sun—smart being most important. But the first script I read? It was really good—eighty percent of Boyd was right there. He felt like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes

You can check out the interview in full over at

May 31, 2012
Walton Attends Day 2 of Variety’s Emmy Studio

Written by Carol

I’ve added 16 photos of Walton at the Day 2 of the Variety EMMY Studio in West Hollywood from earlier today, May 31st.

Gallery Link:
2012 > 05/31/12 – Variety EMMY Studio – Day 2

Apr 12, 2012
Justified: 3×13 ‘Slaughterhouse’ captures added!

Written by Carol

I’ve added 176 HD logoless captures from the season finale of Justified into the gallery. What a fantastic episode!

Gallery Link:
Season 3 > Screen Captures > 3×13 – Slaughterhouse

Apr 10, 2012
Justified: 3×13 ‘Slaughterhouse’ Episode Stills

Written by Carol

I’ve added 4 high quality stills of Walton from tonight’s season finale of ‘Justified’ into the gallery.

Gallery Link:
Season 3 > Episodic Stills > 3×13 – Slaughterhouse