Justified Returns in January!

Check out the new commercial for ‘Justified’ which aired last night during an all new Sons of Anarchy.

Who’s excited?!

5 Underrated TV Shows That You Should Be Watching

JUSTIFIED FX 17 550x366 5 Underrated TV Shows That You Should Be Watching

The reigning king of the underrated shows. There is no doubt that everyone agrees that this show is a good show. However, I think the show needs to be raised to small tick below the Mad Men/Breaking Bad/Game of Thrones level. It’s easily one of the top 5 shows going right now. Timothy Olyphant was born to be Raylan Givens. I am not sure there is any actor currently working that could play that role better than him. He would be great on his own, but Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder will steal scenes from him regularly. These actors, and the show, are starting to be recognized for their outstanding work. Both Goggins and Olyphant got Emmy nominations, and Margo Martindale won the Guest Actress Emmy for her work this past season. That’s a good start, but this show deserves to be measured among the best shows on television.


I definitely agree with what was said above. Without a doubt Justified is worthy to be in the ranks of Mad Men/Breaking Bad/Game of Thrones.

‘Justified’ The Complete 2nd Season on DVD in January

According to Amazon.com you can now pre-order the 2nd season of ‘Justified’ now before it is released on January 3rd, 2012. You can pre-order the blu-ray version here @Amazon.com

Check out the DVD artwork below:

justifiedseason2dvd 520x520 Justified The Complete 2nd Season on DVD in January

BuddyTV: Will Boyd & Ava be the new Bonnie & Clyde?

Check out BuddyTV’s ‘Justified’ spoilers for the upcoming 3rd season! Don’t forget to check out the source for the full article and all of the spoilers.

If there’s one thing Justified excels at, it’s presenting three-dimensional, relatable criminals. It will be exciting to see what mischief the newbies get up to. And of course, there’s always Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) waiting in the wings when things get too settled.

Speaking of Boyd, last we left our favorite wild-haired criminal he was furious at everyone for allowing Ava (Joelle Carter) to get shot. Did Ava make it? Are she and Boyd still going strong? Seems the answer is yes on both counts! Ava actress Joelle Carter doled out some fun tidbits about Ava’s gun-slinging future and the upcoming season. “I get to join Boyd in his shenanigans. And I think we get a little Bonnie and Clyde action. The fans seem to really like Ava with a shotgun,” Carter said.


‘Justified’ casts Neal McDonough & Mykelti Williamson

mcdonough williamson 320 Justified casts Neal McDonough & Mykelti WilliamsonFans of FX’s Justified have been wondering since May’s second season finale how producers would match Margo Martindale’s Emmy-winning performance as Mags Bennett. Well, now we know: Desperate Housewives‘ Neal McDonough and 24‘s Mykelti Williamson, who both starred on Justified EP Graham Yost’s brilliant-but-canceled NBC drama Boomtown, have been cast as the awesomely named big bads of season 3. McDonough will recur as Quarles, a Detroit mobster in a sharp suit who comes to Kentucky with visions of becoming a crimelord. Williamson will play Limehouse, a man who lives in a small black town in Harlan County and who will do whatever it takes, legal or otherwise, to protect his holler.

We’ll meet both characters early in season 3, which premieres in January. The show — which also earned Emmy nominations for stars Timothy Olyphant and Walton Goggins and guest actor Jeremy Davies, who’ll return — began production on the first of 13 new episodes Monday.


AN: As if I need more reasons to sit by, impatiently mind you, waiting for January to arrive. I’ve been a fan of Neal McDonough for years, and he always plays an excellent baddie, so I’m very much looking forward to him on Justifed!

Behind The Scenes of ‘Justified’ Season 3 Photoshoot

Courtesy of Dominic Pagone’s personal Twitter account I have added 2 behind the scenes photos of Walton shooting his season 3 promotional photos for ‘Justified’.

med 9wfzj Behind The Scenes of Justified Season 3 Photoshoot med ld1udr Behind The Scenes of Justified Season 3 Photoshoot

Gallery Link:
- Season 3 > Behind The Scenes of the Season 3 promo shoot

Ask Ausiello: Boyd Crowder is so over playing Mr. Nice Guy

Here is a little scoopage to get us by through our long hiatus. I like the sound of it!

Question: I am dying for some Justified scoop. Got any? —Dayna
Ausiello: Boyd Crowder is so over playing Mr. Nice Guy. According to portrayer Walton Goggins, the old Boyd “will be back in full [in Season 3], and he will probably be in trouble sooner rather than later. There is no more shyness or healing to Boyd Crowder.”


Maxim: A Drink With Justified’s Walton Goggins

The “Justified” star talks about Elmore Leonard, U.S. Marshalls and how his character avoided an early demise.

Walton on Fame and Living the ‘Swingers’ Lifestyle (Q&A)

The Hollywood Reporter: Your six-year run on FX’s The Shield ended in 2008. Did that help you get the Boyd Crowder role on Justified?

Walton Goggins: They came to me initially for one episode. Then, when the relationship between Boyd and Raylan Givens [Timothy Olyphant] was as dynamic as we’d hoped it would be, people wanted to see more. But when they talked about me joining the show in earnest, it was actually a really hard decision, quite honestly. I didn’t want in any way to stain the reputation of my Shield character. It’s a lot to ask someone to watch you on TV every single week, you know? But I felt like I really could contribute to this story, so with the second episode, I said to [Justified showrunner] Graham Yost, “I’m interested in setting up a dynamic where the person you thought you knew in episode one no longer exists in episode two.” I’m heavily involved with the story of Boyd Crowder and the way he sees the world. I’ve been invited to sit at that table in a real way, and I think that has a lot to do with my film background.

THR: So, is Boyd a good guy or a bad guy?

Goggins: Honestly, I try not to make that distinction too much and rather infuse the moments where Boyd does bad things with a morality. The audience may not agree with him, but at least they can understand him, and hopefully that generates an insane amount of sympathy. And the thing about Boyd, it’s gone beyond like, “I’m rooting for a bad guy,” to, “I just want to see what the f– this guy will do next.” You’re no longer rooting for a bad guy, you’re just watching — hopefully — the behavior. Then there are moments in the season-two finale where you saw Raylan, a United States marshal, essentially sanctioning the murder of another human being. While Boyd may seem on paper to be the antithesis of Raylan, he’s not. They’re two sides of the same coin.

THR: You’re from Georgia, and the show is set in Kentucky. Did you work with a dialect coach to make Boyd’s accent sound particular to that region?

Goggins: No, we actually don’t have dialogue coaches. I think because I come from the South, I understand the different cadences, and they vary wildly from Tennessee to Kentucky to Georgia to Alabama to Mississippi and all the way down the road. But Boyd is really an amalgamation of all of them, yet he’s none of them. His accent came out of the self-taught person he is; he isn’t influenced by things outside of his environment. It was only through his self-education that he started to form his love of words and his way of speaking. It really comes from his curiosity about things and about literature and life in general and a deep wanting and understanding of the world, and he hasn’t been able to access it other than through books. I think that has influenced the way that he speaks. He’s kind of from everywhere.

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Walton Discusses Creating Boyd Crowder and More

For Walton Goggins, who plays Boyd Crowder on “Justified,” the show’s Southern setting and rich language from Elmore Leonard make him proud. The Alabama native says foremost in mind in joining the series was not to perpetuate any stereotypes of Southerners. And as for creating Crowder, well, Goggins says, the outlaw didn’t have to be the smartest man in the room, he just needed to be on par with the smartest man in the room. Here’s a clip from Monday night’s Emmy Week conversation with the cast of “Justified.” Check back later for more excerpts.