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Apr 13, 2011
TVGuide: Is Boyd Really Teaming Up with the Bennett Clan?

Written by Carol

Justified star Walton Goggins says that Boyd Crowder needs to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. How else to explain the strange alliance that is brewing in the remaining episodes of the FX drama’s second season.

In the April 6 episode, Boyd made a deal with the devil of Harlan County: Mags Bennett (Margo Martindale). Boyd secured some key tracts of land that allowed Mags to extort the mining company. “What Boyd is able to do as well as any other foe on television is understand the pieces on the board, the players in the game and how things move,” Goggins tells “He’s able to zero in on an opportunity, and when that opportunity presents itself, he’s able to take advantage of it.”

But should Mags — or viewers — really trust him? “He’s a wily guy,” Goggins says with a wry smile. “He understands that his strength lies in ambiguity and manipulation. Boyd Crowder will always have a thing or two up his sleeve.

“In Harlan County, duplicitous people make strange bedfellows,” Goggins continues. “People that [Boyd] starts off with as allies may not be allies when everyone is left standing.” Indeed, in Wednesday’s episode, Boyd begins assembling a crew to assist him in his master plan, none of which helps the Bennetts. Boyd’s ultimate goal: to restore the Crowder name to its former glory in Harlan.

“Harlan County is clan culture,” Goggins says. “Clans tend to be violent when need be. … The people that you see on-screen now might not be on-screen as the episodes continue.”

This imminent bloodshed will most certainly put Boyd back in the sights of U.S. Marshal Rayln Givens (Timothy Olyphant). “They will butt heads in ways they have never butted heads before,” Goggins says. “But at the end of that, they may see the world the same.”

Justified airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.


Apr 9, 2011
Justified: 2×10 ‘Debts and Accounts’ high quality episode stills

Written by Carol

I’ve added 2 high quality stills of Walton from next week’s new episode of ‘Justified’.

med 0001 Justified: 2×10 ‘Debts and Accounts’ high quality episode stills med 0002 Justified: 2×10 ‘Debts and Accounts’ high quality episode stills

Gallery Link:
Season 2 > Episodic Stills > 2×10 – Debts and Accounts

Apr 7, 2011
Justified: 2×09 ‘Brother’s Keeper’ captures added!

Written by Carol

I’ve added 209 HD logoless captures of Walton from this week’s episode of ‘Justified’ into the gallery.

tn 0033 Justified: 2×09 Brothers Keeper captures added! tn 0068 Justified: 2×09 Brothers Keeper captures added! tn 0177 Justified: 2×09 Brothers Keeper captures added! tn 0202 Justified: 2×09 Brothers Keeper captures added!

Gallery Link:
Season 2 > Screen Captures > 2×09 – Brother’s Keeper

Apr 7, 2011
Exec producer Graham Yost talks ‘Justified’

Written by Carol

If you haven’t seen last night’s episode, I would advise you not to continue reading.

Moving onto Raylan’s bad father, Arlo and Helen really did sign their land over to Boyd?
We had a scene where Boyd went to Arlo’s, and the script was just too long, so we said, “We’ll just have Boyd say it.” We get a little bit more of it later on, but basically, Boyd figured out the deal was about the road and that Arlo’s property was key. He said to Arlo, “If you give me control of this property, I’ll get you a lot of money,” and Arlo said, “Okay.” But there’s also a sort of tacit agreement about where they were gonna go from there.

What’s next for Boyd?
Last season, I said, “I want to see Raylan and Boyd on the same side of a gunfight.” We felt that one of the themes of this season would be second chances. Raylan gets a second chance at Winona, Boyd gets a second chance at living a non-criminal life. But one of the big theme’s in Elmore’s work is the character’s destiny. People may want to change, but it’s very hard for them to change. And our feeling is Raylan, as our hero, can change incrementally, but Boyd, try as he might…. It’s a bit of a spoiler alert, but our goal from the beginning of the season was Boyd becomes an outlaw again. You can see us build to that. He drags the guy in episode 3, he gets the offer of the mine job in episode 4, episode 5 is the mine job. Now he’s revealed that he’s played the mine lady. Then we’ll see where he’s headed. (For more on Boyd and Ava, head to the Spoiler Room.)


Apr 7, 2011
Entertainment Weekly: Spoiler Room – Boyd & Ava, please!

Written by Carol

I really can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.

Can you tell me when we get to see more Boyd and Ava? They are my new favorite relationship on Justified. — Ellyn
As they should be! Boyd Crowder — suddenly a gentleman? What’s not to love about that. Unfortunately, the last few episodes hold tough times for this totally captivating odd couple, says exec producer Graham Yost. “Raylan finds it very difficult to change, [but] Boyd has found it impossible. I think Ava is right there as well. Our feeling was that she didn’t marry Bowman because he was a football star. We think she didn’t mind being in the criminal life,” he says. “That was one of our goals of season 2 — to play this flirting, coming together, coming apart between them two. That will have repercussions — and they wont all be good.”


Apr 6, 2011
TVLine: Burning Questions Answered

Written by Carol

TVLine sat down with Margo Martindale who plays the villainous Mags Bennett on ‘Justified’ to answer our burning questions and she had this to say about Walton.

Will Mags Next Be Seen Neck-Deep In Her Black Pike Payday? | Actually, the easy money might not come so easy after all. “There are a lot of twists — and a lot of Boyd Crowder! – involved,” Martindale shares. “I tell ya, just when I thought I knew his spots….”

And Truly on the Lighter Side: Was that Really Walton Goggins Dancing at the Whoop-dee-doo? | And how! Joelle Carter (Ava) points out for us that her scene partner was a champion clogger as a kid, and thus relished a chance to show off his stepping. Thing is, no one gave Carter a heads-up about the fancy footwork to come, and that’s why Boyd simply gives his oh-so-lovely landlady a spin or two.


Apr 5, 2011
E!Online: Boyd and Ava dancing, a big death…what next?!

Written by Carol

The ‘Justified’ finale is starting to look pretty good y’all!

Kristina: Justified!
You may have realized that we are a little obsessed with this show. OK, a lot obsessed. This week’s episode is so fantastic that you just have to watch for yourself. Seriously, you will not regret it. But if you need a little tease: There’s a good ole fashioned whoop-de-doo, Boyd (Walton Goggins) and Ava (Joelle Carter) dancing, a big death and what is sure to be Margo Martindale’s bone-chilling Emmy nomination clip. We’re going to go out on a limb and suggest that the events of this episode are so important they could launch a thousand bullets and propel us through to another amazing finale