Why Are Instagram Likes So Important To Many People?

News 09:07 July 2020:

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Thanks to social media, most of us get our gratification from others’ validation. This validation often comes in the form of likes or follows. For Instagram users, the number of Instagram likes on their photos could be a huge thing.

Whether a person is a photographer or just using Instagram for personal purposes, we tend to gauge our worth based on the number of likes we get. Perhaps not many will admit to this, but most of us will feel a sense of pride and reward when we see that we’re getting many likes or that we gain more followers on our social media account.

Instagram likes is a reflection of how well our photos are perceived by others. Be it because of the way the photo is captured, the caption, or just because we have many followers, the number of likes on each photo often carries a lot of weight – in the opinions of many.